Khoury GSA

Khoury Graduate Student Association (KGSA)’s mission is to support and maintain a community among graduate students in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. Our intended audience is primarily PhD students in Khoury College, but Master’s students will also be welcome to participate. Just like other GSA organizations in other departments, we intend to serve as both a social space, and as a democratic body that will advocate for the interests of Khoury graduate students with the college administration.

Contact us via or the Khoury PhDs Slack #gsa channel: we are always happy to meet new people and hope to get more members! To get added to the Slack, use the <NEU‑username> email. Learn more about us and check out our calendar on this website.

First Help

If you have a question regarding the PhD program, the following resources usually can help:

If the question remains, reach out to Laura or Pete, depending on the nature of question and your specialization:

Laura Adrien ( Pete Morency (
Advising for all PhD CY and PhD PHI; as well as PhD CS students in the Theory, & HCI research areas Advising for all PhD CS students in the PL/FM/SE, AI & DS/Robotics, & Systems/Security research areas
Funding (SGAs, Fellowships, tuition waivers, etc) Lab seating
Startup Fund Khoury Admin forms
Internships & work authorization Proposal & Defense announcements & calendaring
Industry PhD Student Groups
Admissions PhD Representatives on Khoury Committees

If you’re not sure, email

To solicit common wisdom, post your question on the Khoury PhDs Slack #everyone channel.

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